Spell Casting: How important is timing?


Image courtesy of National Geographic

There is a 75,000 acre fire burning about 28 miles from my home. I have been trying to write a spell to ask the gods for assistance as we really, REALLY need rain. All over the western US it is dry, dry, dry and there are fires burning from Alaska to Texas.

Our fire crews are stretched to the limit just fighting the biggest ones. The smoke is thick outside and the smell coming in the window is very strong.

The west needs help and we need it now which brings me to my point. How important is timing in creating a spell? We need rain, but if I wait until the Full Moon which in my mind is associated with the tides and therefore water, it could be too late for a lot of people. Some Pagan writers I have read say that timing is as important as the intent. Others have said that if the need is great, like it is now, then do the spell, but try to work it according to the time the spell is cast. Still others have said that if the intent and the need are great, timing isn’t going to matter because the emotion and need will be powerful enough to send your request through the universe to the gods.

Do the gods really care when you perform a spell? I don’t think so. What difference does it make to them what time it is when a witch casts a spell? I don’t think they have day planners in which they schedule days for spells.

I can see it now. ┬áThe Goddess opens her 7 Habits of Successful People planner and says, “Let’s see. Today is Thursday. It’s a full moon. That means only spells asking for love.” Again, I don’t think so.

Actually, that timing is perfect for a rain spell. It’s Thor’s day. Thor is a storm god. It’s the Full Moon (remember water and the tides). Perfect!

It still begs the question though. How important is timing? I might suggest to people interested in the timing of a spell to do what feels right. Go with your gut. Follow your heart and may the powers of the gods be with you.

Now, where did I put my Book of Shadows?