Where in the World is the God and Goddess of Witchcraft?

Shiva and Pravati – God and Goddess. Each one is half of a whole.

I was reading through some of the material for something I am studying, and I came across an interesting discussion. The professor teaching the course was talking about  where God lives according to people of different religions. Most Hindus, for example, believe that each of their 3000 gods is actually an aspect of a single god, Brahma, and that Brahma lives in some outer place somewhere.

Where do I, as a Witch, believe the God and Goddess reside? Are they eminent or immanent? Eminence being without and immanence being within.

I believe that the God and Goddess are immanent. They live within me because I allow them into my heart each and every day I am alive. I also believe that they are within the things around me. The rocks, trees, grass, birds, dogs, cats…everything I can see and touch has some of the essence of the God and Goddess within it.

This does not mean that I believe I am a goddess, or that I worship plants and animals and rocks thinking they are gods and goddesses. It does mean that if I practice my craft properly, I will treat myself  and the world around me with the same reverence I would show to the God and Goddess.

The fact that I believe in both the God and the Goddess comes from a belief that you can’t have one without the other, and much like the picture of Shiva and Parvati, each one is half of a whole. Whether they are joined, as in the picture, or separate figures as is most often depicted, they both have dark and light and they balance each other out.

Where I see the God and Goddess residing is a completely personal matter. One I don’t mind sharing of course, or I wouldn’t be writing this. The way I see things, whether the God and Goddess live within me or in some outside place, I know that they will be there when I need them because I have one thing in common with the rest of humanity. Faith.