Nobody is unaffected by tragedy


May the Goddess bless and watch over us. Keep us safe so we may begin to heal our wounds.

I feel that I should say something about the tragedy that occurred just after midnight in Aurora, Colorado. I am heart sick for the people who lost loved ones because of one sick minded individual.

Because we are all connected by the web of life we are all affected by his actions, however distant we may be from the actual events. A part of that web has been torn away and the ripple has been felt by everyone world wide.

The pain most people feel is real. Empathy is a powerful thing. Even if you didn’t know any of the victims, you can still feel the pain of those who did.

Healing will take time, but rest assured we will heal. The web of life has a way of repairing itself by creating new connections. The families of the victims, through their shared grief, will form bonds that will help begin the healing process. These bonds will eventually reach the rest of us. Time also helps. Through time the awfulness of what happen will fade and life will continue with only a small memory of what used to be.

May the Goddess bless everyone, and I do mean everyone for we are all hurt by what happened.