What do I want to say?

It comes down to this. What am I interested in and have the most to learn about? I have followed a witchy path for about 13 years now. I feel I still have loads to learn about the various aspects of Paganism and witchcraft.
Writing would help me understand what I am learning and may also lead me to other interests. As an extra added bonus, as a journalism major, I can use this blog to hone my writing skills. That means it won’t always be pretty, but at least I’m learning and applying what I learn to something that means something to me personally.
I want to write three of four entries each week. I think that should be plenty for now. As I progress, I may write everyday.
I spoke with the online editor at the Denver Post not too long ago and she told me that all of their writers have a blog and she expects them to interact with their blogs at least a half dozen times a day. That means they respond to comments, update their information and write about breaking stories. Wow! But I understand that it is part of their job. This is not a job for me (not yet, anyway), so I probably won’t be interacting that often. If I find that a lot of people are interested in what I have to say, I may change my mind, but I do have other things going on in my life. I have a job and classes at the university that take precedent. Or at least they should. Bills have to be paid, knowledge gained and all that.
So, this will be a witchy blog and I will post my first official entry tomorrow.


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